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    There are no special circumstances in which you would be required to incorporate a limited liability company. An LLC is a type of legal entity that successfully combines most of the desirable characteristics of other types of businesses, which explains why most entrepreneurs choose an LLC when starting a business. Additionally, many offshore jurisdictions have simplified accounting and record-keeping requirements for LLCs.

    We usually advise our clients to consider an LLC as a viable option if they wish to incorporate a trading company or small business within certain limits. LLCs are perfect for those looking for an opportunity to run a business (locally or internationally) and distribute profits with minimal effort. However, you should always keep in mind that an LLC does not typically provide an effective mechanism to introduce a limited voting partner or numerous investors to your company. In these cases, we recommend that you consider a limited partnership or a public company, as they may offer more effective ways of achieving your goals. Forming an offshore company in a tax haven can be a great way to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Serviced office spaceDatum08.04.2023 13:06
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    A serviced office space is an office that is provided and equipped by a facility management company. The services offered may vary by provider but generally include specialized office space (conference rooms, workspaces, etc.), utilities, IT infrastructure and various office equipment.

    In general, serviced offices aim to provide all necessary business facilities in one bundle and in a ready-to-use state, eliminating the need for preparation and set-up procedures. Depending on the provider, a serviced office can be rented at different payment and equipment conditions:

    Facilities and equipment can be rented together for a fixed payment that covers most of the facilities and services, or each item can be rented separately, giving more flexible pricing policy
    All of the equipment can be leased to a single company for the exclusive use of the company's employees, or it can be used in a common space shared by other companies renting serviced office space in the same business center
    Benefits of Serviced Offices

    The advantages of Serviced Office are numerous and can be roughly divided into the following categories:

    Business Presence
    economic substance

    One of the most direct advantages of a serviced office space is its convenience. For a fixed payment a company is able to acquire a ready-to-use working space and often the equipment, which requires no special maintenance. This is an effective time-management measure, as no time for setting the office up is wasted. Besides that, it may significantly reduce maintenance costs for the business, as most of the time the price of renting a serviced office is lower than the price of buying all the equipment and setting one from scratch. It is also beneficial for companies with smaller budgets, which otherwise would not be able to afford both the space and the equipment.

    Flexible renting schemes allow saving even more finances, as equipment may be rented irregularly or together with other companies, which in the long run makes its price-per-use lower, reducing maintenance costs. This also makes it feasible not worrying about possible emergencies, when a certain facility is urgently needed, but would not be immediately available without renting a serviced office.

    To summarize, in general the convenience of a serviced office space comes from the fact that its maintenance is performed by a dedicated facility management company, reducing the costs and removing the need to follow the maintenance process.

    Business presence
    Business presence is an important part of corporate branding, and a serviced office space can enhance its capabilities. Often such offices are located in prestigious business centers, which gives additional credibility to companies that are quartered there. Besides that, a serviced office is a simple and fast way to establish business presence in a new location. It allows for a more rapid market entry, which may become crucial if competition is intense. Although indirectly, this benefit may prove especially useful at the initial stage of business development.

  • Investment accountDatum10.01.2023 18:57
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    An investment account is maintained with such financial institutions as banks, brokerage houses, or even insurance companies. The main purpose of this account is capital preservation and growth, as well as fixed-interest profit through long-term deposits in the asset portfolio.

    In general, "investing" means a proactive use of assets in a very broad definition - such as patents, trademarks, rare wines or gold coins, but also small businesses, real estate and antiques. In this regard, the investment account contains fewer physical assets: cash, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The basic investment objective remains the same – to buy the asset and hold it for the long term, and to sell it at some point in the future when the asset's value is cheaper. Depending on the asset you have decided to invest in, you need to evaluate your investment as a long-term process as you will have to wait for the particular asset to appreciate in value.

    Investment Account Features
    Before opening an investment account, you should consider whether or not this type of financial service is best for your risk/return. Furthermore, liquidity preferences embody your goal. Investment accounts are usually maintained with long-term goals. Traditionally, the long term is considered to be 7 years or more, but this number should not be the primary determinant when deciding whether or not to open an investment account. This banking service is often used when there is a specific event in your life that requires a higher income, such as a wedding. For example, if you are sending your child to college, buying a house, or approaching retirement.

    Since one of the main determinants of the investment account is its long-term nature, you should be ready to face another attribute of it - liquidity. Any financial instrument has less liquidity compared to cash in your checking or savings account. Additionally, this type of deposit usually comes with higher transaction costs in case you want to access the cash sooner than a specific time specified in the agreement between you and the financial institution.

    Architectural design and tools
    Types of Investment Accounts
    Once you have decided to open an investment account, the next step is to find a bank or other financial institution that can offer you the most suitable type of investment account in terms of cost, risk level and other components. There are different types of accounts designed for different needs and desires of investors, but not all banks offer such services.

    Brokerage account
    This account is managed by the investor himself. Usually, after depositing cash into this account, you can use the funds to buy various financial instruments or other types of investments. This account includes a commission paid to your broker for executing your buy and sell orders. If you are unsure about your investment skills, you can use a full service brokerage account that includes investment advice.

    Retirement account
    This account is designed for long-term continuous deposits over the years of employment, leading to higher retirement incomes on top of the state pension (if applicable in your country - ask us). In some countries, payments into the retirement account are tax-free.

    Custody Account / Guardianship Account
    These accounts are designed for investors who want to save money for their children or someone else. This includes savings for a child's education.

    Special account
    This type of account typically includes testamentary or testamentary trust accounts. In the case of a testamentary trust account, financial instruments are registered in the name of the trust while being administered by a trustee. A testamentary trust is now opened by the testimony of a deceased person.

    Business account
    The business account works similar to the brokerage account, where the customer is a company and not an individual.

  • Company formation in Papua New GuineaDatum12.12.2022 14:32
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    The development of telecommunications and economic globalization have made it possible for interested investors to set up companies all over the world. With proper research, financial investment and legal backing, business ventures can be safely incorporated in almost any country in the world. Building an international business used to be a complicated entrepreneurial venture, but today it is commonplace with the help of experienced legal and business advisors.

    The advantages of founding a company abroad are as numerous as they are obvious. Many countries offer specific locational advantages, ranging from natural resources and well-established infrastructure to beneficial laws and regulations that encourage growth in a particular industry. Likewise, it can be difficult to start a business or an acquisition in your own country due to adverse situations: political or regulatory environment, lack of resources and more. In this situation, it makes sense to consider an overseas option that offers greater opportunities for growth, development, and success.

    Company registration in Papua New Guinea
    When starting a business in Papua New Guinea, an interested investor must conduct due diligence on legal procedures, international regulations and sufficient investment for success. It is crucial to understand cultural, social and political factors that influence starting and growing one's business. Failure to do so may result in unintended consequences. Poorly researched and toneless international launches often end in disaster as time, money and energy is wasted due to poor planning.

    Legal Documents
    Every country in the world presents its own intricate challenges when it comes to starting, developing and maintaining a business. Owners, financiers and investors must make these commitments with the support of a knowledgeable and experienced legal team. Only someone with in-depth knowledge of local and international corporate law will be able to set up an overseas business while avoiding the pitfalls that plague many new businesses.

    Additionally, smart business people can consider ways to invest in foreign companies without actually starting their own businesses. In these situations, it is still beneficial for the investor to partner with a knowledgeable global economics and litigation advisor. International investments create a truly diverse portfolio that offers growth opportunities that were unthinkable decades ago.

    Potential investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs should consider the existing infrastructure in Papua New Guinea when considering starting a new business. While extensive infrastructure and systems can help make the process of starting a business a smooth one, it could also represent market saturation and reduced growth potential. On the other hand, a lack of infrastructure is often a major obstacle to growth; However, the lack of infrastructure points to a clear market opening for a creative and efficient new business.

    Opening a bank account in Papua New Guinea
    In connection with the formation of a company, it is necessary to open one or more bank accounts in Papua New Guinea. Confidus Solutions offers the ability to open a bank account in over twenty jurisdictions, making it easy for you to avoid challenging language barriers or bureaucratic hassles.

    Virtual Office in Papua New Guinea
    Since a registered address is a necessity for international business, Confidus Solutions enables foreign investors to set up a virtual office in Papua New Guinea. This address allows international entrepreneurs to accept mail, arrange for shipping and set up a registered bank account in their country of business.

    Tax regulations
    If you are in the process of researching a business formation in Papua New Guinea, consult a lawyer or consultant with extensive experience in the area you are considering. This advisor can help you with everything from laws and tax structures to local helpers. You need to consider every aspect from the local office to your highest organizational structure; Make sure you recruit the best possible mentors as you embark on this exciting but challenging process.

  • Shelf company in New ZealandDatum15.10.2022 17:24
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    Buy, register or acquire a new or finished company with the help of Confidus Solutions. We provide full business and legal support when starting a new business or purchasing a finished business. Our areas of expertise include commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, tax law, accounting and other business-related services. For more than 10 years, Confidus Solutions has brought together business and legal experts dealing with acquisitions and company registration in more than 150 countries.

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