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Serviced office space Antworten

A serviced office space is an office that is provided and equipped by a facility management company. The services offered may vary by provider but generally include specialized office space (conference rooms, workspaces, etc.), utilities, IT infrastructure and various office equipment.

In general, serviced offices aim to provide all necessary business facilities in one bundle and in a ready-to-use state, eliminating the need for preparation and set-up procedures. Depending on the provider, a serviced office can be rented at different payment and equipment conditions:

Facilities and equipment can be rented together for a fixed payment that covers most of the facilities and services, or each item can be rented separately, giving more flexible pricing policy
All of the equipment can be leased to a single company for the exclusive use of the company's employees, or it can be used in a common space shared by other companies renting serviced office space in the same business center
Benefits of Serviced Offices

The advantages of Serviced Office are numerous and can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Business Presence
economic substance

One of the most direct advantages of a serviced office space is its convenience. For a fixed payment a company is able to acquire a ready-to-use working space and often the equipment, which requires no special maintenance. This is an effective time-management measure, as no time for setting the office up is wasted. Besides that, it may significantly reduce maintenance costs for the business, as most of the time the price of renting a serviced office is lower than the price of buying all the equipment and setting one from scratch. It is also beneficial for companies with smaller budgets, which otherwise would not be able to afford both the space and the equipment.

Flexible renting schemes allow saving even more finances, as equipment may be rented irregularly or together with other companies, which in the long run makes its price-per-use lower, reducing maintenance costs. This also makes it feasible not worrying about possible emergencies, when a certain facility is urgently needed, but would not be immediately available without renting a serviced office.

To summarize, in general the convenience of a serviced office space comes from the fact that its maintenance is performed by a dedicated facility management company, reducing the costs and removing the need to follow the maintenance process.

Business presence
Business presence is an important part of corporate branding, and a serviced office space can enhance its capabilities. Often such offices are located in prestigious business centers, which gives additional credibility to companies that are quartered there. Besides that, a serviced office is a simple and fast way to establish business presence in a new location. It allows for a more rapid market entry, which may become crucial if competition is intense. Although indirectly, this benefit may prove especially useful at the initial stage of business development.

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